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Chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth is located right next to the bustling railway station. Once inside, it becomes another world - a tranquil oasis for self-reflection.

San Geremia is one of the rare large churches around town that didn't charge admission. It has a very large interior with plenty of natural light filtering through.

Fondamenta Pescheria lives up to its name. There was a fish market here, and the squid with ink caught my attention. It's a local delicacy. Cannaregio seems an actual living neighbourhood, with local residents and not just hotels and shops.

These streets in the northern part of Venice were more authentic neighbourhoods where locals mingled and there were less tourists in sight.

Open the garage door, park your boat, and step into your living room. Wonder if thieves can just swim under the door to break in?

Strada Nova is the main thoroughfare. Unlike what I've typically seen in the neighbourhoods, it is a wide avenue with plenty of space and no canal along the side, except the odd one that intersects now and then as they made their way to the Grand Canal. Here, an old pharmacy is revived as a showcase museum.

Italy has generally been a cheaper place to eat compared to its northern neighbours. However, in Venice, prices seemed extraordinarily outrageous.

The Rialto Market was just across the canal from here. You can take these cheap commuter gondolas for the crossing.

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