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St. Mark's Square

St. Mark's Square seems a world away from the quaint canals and narrow alleys in the rest of Venice. It's a big space surrounded by monumental buildings of various styles. The Basilica di San Marco actually looks more Eastern than Italian.

Entry to the basilica's main worship area is free, but you have to pay to reach the special areas and the balcony. However, the lines get quite crazy, even early in the morning before it opens. Venice is indeed a very touristy place.

Museums and cafes surround the open square. Of course, there are plenty of pigeons.

The Campanile di San Marco was rebuilt several times over the centuries, with the last reconstruction being in 1902.

Palazzo Ducale

The Ponte dei Sospiri was my biggest disappointment in Venice. The bridge was all covered up in advertisement for restoration. It's probably overrated anyway - the view from the inside is no different from any other basic bridge that's covered on all sides.

Other Scenes Around the Square

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