Vevey Photo Gallery

I picked Vevey as a base for the region thanks to its cheaper hotels. Similar to Lausanne and Montreux, it has a wonderful Lake Geneva setting with the Alps in the distance. The waterfront promenade is great for a sunset stroll or a morning jog.

Several art installations are installed along the waterfront. Normal ones include chairs on the rocks, but the chair's curvature may accumulate water within. The weirder ones include the fork in the water. Can you drink water with a fork?

The Alimentarium is all about food and nutrition, thanks to Nestle's support. In fact, the building housed Nestle & Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company's management office in 1921. It sat empty from 1979 to 1985 when it became today's museum.

The Salle Nestle is the only room in the building with its original decor. It served as the Director General's office from 1921 to 1930.

A few blocks away, the Historic Museum occupies the Castle of Vevey, which was a 16th century estate. The most prominent exhibition showcases the Winegrowers Festival, a spectacular event at the the main square, which normally serves as a car park.

For a great view of the city and the lake, head up the Mont-Pelerin funicular. With the Swiss Travel Pass, the ride is free! Since it rises through residential areas and vineyards, it operates beyond tourist hours into the late night.

For the more adventurous and physically-fit, there is a telecom tower further uphill, but I was content with this view already.

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