Indian Ocean Drive Photo Gallery #2
Pinnacles Desert - Cervantes - Geraldton

It should be well after lunch time by the time you finish visiting the Pinnacles. The fee you paid ($13/car) to enter the national park would allow you entry into a different national park on the same day.

Continue driving north a little bit longer to the town of Cervantes. The most obvious restaurant is Lobster Shack, which also offers a factory tour at a charge. The huge facility seems purpose-built to cater for all the tourists that come their way.

The menu is pretty much lobster. Prices are not exactly cheap compared to North America but at least they are fresh and locally-sourced.

After ordering, wait for your buzzer to light up to pick up your food.

While there is a huge indoor dining area, if the weather is nice, why not eat outside with a beautiful ocean view? This is the vast water where your lunch is fished from.

If lunch was not enough, you can pack more frozen lobsters for dinner in Geraldton.

The rest of the drive up to Geraldton will pass through several attractions worth a short stop. Just north of Cervantes and off the main road is the Molah Hill Lookout, which offers a commanding view of the ocean and the Pinnacles. The viewpoint is just a short and easy walk from the parking lot.

I chose to skip Jurien Bay, which is famous for its water activities, and continued to push on for another 2.5 hours to Geraldton. If you have an extra 4th day or more, you can consider stopping here for some snorkeling and sea lion spotting.

A long day of driving and sightseeing will finish in Geraldton. However, before entering town, you will spot an interesting leaning tree on the side of the road. There is even a small parking lot so you can stop by for a peek. The River Gums are common in southern Australia's floodplains and waterways. The winds in the Greenough Flats force these trees to lean. Side streets are also full of colourful wildflowers mixed with industrial-level canola fields so visit this region during the spring!

Welcome to Geraldton. Call it an early night and get ready for an even more action-packed day 2.

Indian Ocean Drive Photo Gallery

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