Indian Ocean Drive Photo Gallery #5

Less than an hour's drive north from Hutt Lagoon, the Kalbarri coastal cliffs' various attractions are only a short drive away from the main road. They are well sign-posted on the street and it will take about 2 hours to visit all the sights if you don't hike extensively around a few of them.

The southernmost attraction is about 12km from the town centre. Island Rock was once part of the coastline but has since been isolated and surrounded by the sea.

The 600m Bigurda Boardwalk connects Island Rock to the next attraction, Natural Bridge. The walk is easy although unshaded.

Pockets of wildflowers were also blooming.

The Natural Bridge's lookout point is a great place to spot whales and dophins.

Then you walk back the way you came to the car for the next attraction.

For those with plenty of time exploring the region, you can hike 8km to Eagle Gorge, the next attraction further north.

Pot Alley was named as local fishermen kept losing pots in the area. The rugged coastline shows just how difficult it is to tame nature here.

As you navigate through the various trails, watch out for the many different types of wildflowers.

It is a long walk to the Red Bluff from the parking lot. But your reward is many rock formations along the coast.

At the end of the walk is a panoramic viewpoint for the ultimate photo. Red Bluff is perched on top of a 100m cliff.

The town of Kalbarri is just a short drive away, where you can grab a late lunch, picnic by the sea, or push on towards the national park.

Indian Ocean Drive Photo Gallery

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