Würzburg Photo Gallery

Würzburg is a large town located at the northern end of the Romantic Road. Destroyed in WW2, there was a plan to leave the city in ruins as a reminder of the war. But the old town was ultimately rebuilt.

Festung Marienberg was the original castle for the bishops but that ended with the construction of the Residenz across town. Destroyed in WW2, rebuilding finished in 1990. Unfortunately, it is closed from November through the winter, but the outdoor terraces are still open and offer stunning views of the town.

It is not a difficult climb with mostly a slanted paved path.

Terraced vineyards surround the castle's protective walls.

The fog still hasn't dissipated and hovered over Kappele. An hour ago, the view from there was grey and gloomy.

Dom St. Kilian is built in the Romanesque style and has a history going back to the 11th century. Additions were made over the centuries but the church was destroyed in WW2. The current structure is a reconstruction that was consecrated in 1967.

Marienkapelle is a Gothic church that dates back to the 14th century.

Neumünster is a Romanesque church that also has a long history, dating back to the 11th century.


The town's Christmas Market dates back to the early 19th century. Today, it has about 100 traders that occupy the upper and lower market square.

Descend downhill from the castle and views of the Alte Mainbrücke get better.

This bridge was completed in the 16th century and the statues were added almost 200 years later.

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