Xiamen Photo Gallery - City Scenes II

Where China & Taiwan Meet

Taiwan's Kinmen lies just offshore of Xiamen. On a clear day, it's possible to see it from Xiamen. Hence, it was a busy afternoon at this site, where students and tourists aliked flocked to the shores for an outing.

These mobile food stands were around to cater for hungry visitors. The cake looked interesting, but not really Chinese at all though.

Welcome to Taiwan

A big propaganda sign lies above the beach, screaming "one country, two systems unite China".

Bailuzhou Park

It was a cool winter morning, and the mist had not yet lifted when I arrived at this urban park.

Huli District

A new financial district is under construction in the eastern part of Xiamen. The streets are quiet while construction crews are busy working within numerous sites.

Unfortunately, the waterfront park was not accessible to the public. A hefty admission charge got in the way.

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