Xiamen Photo Gallery - Zhongshan Lu

Like many Chinese cities, there is a pedestrianized shopping street that springs to life at night. However, Xiamen is not exactly a big nightlife city, since stores close fairly early around 9pm. Nevertheless, the buildings are lit up and the architecture is suspiciously Western.

Figurines made from flour - quite impressive!

There was a side street that had a lot of food stalls selling all sorts of warm foods. A bit skeptical of the cleanliness, I opted for photos over snacking.

Near the quieter end of the pedestrian area, there was another side street with food stalls, but a lot more cleaner with private stalls, but very few open restaurants. I guess people like to huddle around amidst others, smoke from the cooking fires, and food scraps on the ground.

A lot of people were digging around in these piles of engraved beads. Were they looking for a set?

As the crowds thinned and the stores prepared to close for the day, this vegetable lady appeared. I really wondered who would shop for raw materials at 9pm?

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