Xian Famen Temple Photo Gallery

Famen Temple is 2 hours away from Xian. It originates from the Han Dynasty, and was the royal temple during the Sui and Tang dynasties (6th-10th centuries). Today, it is another overpriced attraction, costing 120 yuan to enter.

This newer section features various exhibits about the temple's glorious history. Tragedy had also struck over the years; lightning had once devastated the pagoda.

An underground vault containing various treasures from the Tang dynasty was unearthed during recent renovation work.

This structure seems new, offering exhibitions and an outdoor deck with a panoramic view of the site.

The present Famen Temple is this out-of-place new structure, where some finger bones of the Buddha are now on display. The giant square in front extends for several kilometers further behind me.

Around the Neighbourhood

The streets bordering Famen Temple were bustling with shoppers. Here, shoppers buy large pieces of paper to burn for their ancestors. A traditional ancestor-worshipping festival took place just a few days earlier.

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