Xian Hanyangling Museum Photo Gallery

Xian's historic attractions have so far displayed the glory of the Qin and Tang dynasties. But the Han dynasty also had its capital here, and Hanyangling is the tomb of one of its emperors. An underground museum allows visitors to gaze at the burial pits behind protective glass.

The Han figurines were clothed, but time has destroyed those. The arms and hands were made of wood and could move, but those have also not survived the test of time. What remains today are the heads, bodies, and legs, which look quite eerie.

The museum's walkway crosses several pits. At these locations, the walkway turns into glass so visitors can peer directly below their feet to see what has been uncovered.

Keep in mind these used to be clothed and had wooden arms.

Besides chariots and people, there were plenty of animals as well.

The underground museum was for the pits that surround the mausoleum, which is in the small mound pictured below. However, the emperor's tomb itself is not open.

The empress' mausoleum is a short walk away.

A quick drive away, the artifacts are on display in a museum setting, which is a vast improvement over observing them from high above in dim lighting at the pits.

Hanyangling is located on the way to the airport from the city. Although it is not bursting with tourists like the warriors, the artifacts dug out are nevertheless fascinating. The museum's layout is quite well done, and the protective glass should be able to keep the pits in good shape. If only they could do the same to protect the warriors ...

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