Xian Muslim Quarter Photo Gallery

Muslim Quarter

Xian's bustling Muslim quarter consists of several streets of markets selling everything from noodles to souvenirs.

"Mo" is a local delicacy. This dry version consists of meat wrapped around bread. Looking at how raw the meat looks, I presume buyers still need to cook it when they get home.

These souvenirs are made from cow hides and are supposed to be able to move into various poses.

Dates are a local specialty, and there are many kinds despite looking the same.

This charismatic vendor sells cake for 2 yuan a slice. The price isn't cheap for such a small portion but the pose is priceless.


The mosque is deep inside the Muslim Quarter. At first glance, it looks like Chinese temple, but this Muslim place of worship dates back to the 8th century and survived subsequent dynasties. 25 yuan later, I could go in to explore on a quiet Monday morning.

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