Xian Urban Scenes Photo Gallery

Xian Railway Station

A chaotic place ...

Qujiang Chi

Xian's southeastern suburbs are posh, and this park reflects the area's wealth. Rebuilt to mimick a royal garden from ancient times, it becomes a magnet for locals during the holidays.

Being away from the historic centre, this part of town is noticeably more spacious.

Xian's metro only opened in late 2011. Currently, it consists of one line running north-south.

Street food is quite popular in Xian. This vendor sells peeled pineapples.

Renmin Square is an exclusive area, being home to several higher-end international hotels.

Daming Palace

Once a glorious royal residence in the Tang dynasty, those buildings are long gone and the site is now an urban park.

Other Street Scenes


These small taxis look a bit flimsy but with arrogant taxi drivers refusing fares, they may be the solution to the transport problem.


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