Xian Qian Mausoleum Photo Gallery

Qian Mausoleum is one of many burial grounds for the Tang dynasty emperors. It's a huge site, perched on top of a hill overlooking the surrounding plain.

Princess Yongtai's tomb is located just off the main mausoleum. The original wall paintings have been removed and put on display at the Shaanxi Provincial Museum in Xian for a hefty price of 300 yuan. What lies in the tomb today are replicas.

Various treasures were found from the unearthed tombs in this area.

The main part of the mausoleum consists of this grand boulevard entrance, lined with animal and human statues on both sides.

This blank tablet was believed to have been reserved to commemorate Empress Wu Zetian's achievements. There are inscriptions on it today, but they were made by subsequent visitors.

Gaozong's tomb is in the hills further beyond.

These statues depict emissaries from abroad that came to the emperor's funeral.

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