Xian Bell and Drum Towers Photo Gallery

Bell Tower

Today, the Bell Tower sits at a central location - in the heart of a massive traffic circle where the north-south and east-west axes intersect. Like most of Xian's big attractions, it costs a lot of money to go in. 50 yuan later, I had a ticket for this and also the nearby Drum Tower.

The tower isn't tall enough to see the roofs of its neighbours, but it does offer a clear view of the Drum Tower.

The south gate and city wall marks the end of the old imperial city.

Not much history is visible on the east side anymore.

Drum Tower

Dating from the Ming Dynasty, the Drum Tower was built in the 14th century and features various drums that depict the ancient weather calendar.

Looking back towards the Bell Tower, which seems small compared to its more modern neighbours.

Even the newer buildings here have traditional Chinese tops. The downside is the parking lot. It would've been much nicer if the landscaped public square extended right to the tower.

Various drums are on display inside.

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