Xian Terra-Cotta Warriors Photo Gallery

The Terra-Cotta Warriors is a large site consisting of 3 pits and a large museum. The museum displays examples of the various statues that have been unearthed in the pits so far.

Two chariots were unearthed with horses and riders. All the tour groups gathered around for a look. However, they didn't seem to understand flash should not be used. Quite amazing that they buried these huge sculptures.

I was surprised no safety covers were placed in Pit 2, and in the other pits as well. Wouldn't the humidity from all the visitors damage the warriors?

The high-ranking officers should be well-fed and their bodies reflect that.

The kneeling warrior got a lot of attention. The facial expression is very clear, and the details are amazing.

Pit 3 is the smallest one, but it was nevertheless still interesting as they tried to arrange some of the warriors into formation.

Pit 1 is the largest and has the most spectacular formation.

Qin Shi Huang's tomb has been found but so far has not been excavated. The area is now a huge park, with a surprising number of cherry blossom trees.

The warriors are an hour bus ride from the city. A convenient tourist bus 306 takes you there via Huaqing Palace from the main railway station. However, finding this bus was already quite an experience as there were plenty of fake 306 buses and touts trying to distract you as you try to find the bus stop.

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