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Lanyang Museum is an architectural landmark along Yilan's coast near Wushi Harbor. Shaped like a cuesta to blend in along the coastline, the museum opened in 2010 to showcase local history.

Wushi Harbor was once a major port during the Qing Dynasty. However, a typhoon in 1878 pushed sediment into the harbor, which slowly turned into wetlands.

The museum starts on the top foor after riding a number of escalators around the vast atrium.

Upstairs, there is a wide window to see the coastline and Guishan Island in the distance. This section of sea is popular with whale-watching tours.

Getting to the museum is a bit tricky. The nearest train station is Toucheng, and there is only weekend bus service to the museum. The bus stop is across the bay from the museum and you can't miss it. While it is possible to change to a train at Toucheng for other cities in the county, this bus line also continues to Yilan and Luodong, albeit taking longer than the train.

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