Flight Report
CX 888 Vancouver - New York JFK
Business Class

Transit Lounge

CX 888 is a Hong Kong - New York flight with a stopover in Vancouver. Inbound passengers continuing to New York had to disembark in Vancouver and wait in the passenger lounge at the gate while the plane was cleaned. There were new passengers awaiting boarding for the Vancouver - New York segment, and the wait took about an hour. Complementary coffee and tea were served in the lounge. However, transit passengers were not allowed to leave the lounge to venture into other parts of the airport.


We departed Vancouver about 30 minutes later than scheduled. However, the flight time was cut short to 4 hours and 20 minutes so our ultimate arrival in New York would be according to schedule.


The plane took off westward and made a 180-degree turn to head east to New York.

Flight Path

The flight path veered south into the United States towards the east coast.


The appetizer for lunch was tuna again. While it was the same type of fish as the dinner on the previous Hong Kong - Vancouver flight, this was made differently and it tasted very good.


The sun had set by the time we reached western New York state, and landing took quite a while as the plane circled a few times before touchdown at JFK.

Service Summary

Service was quite good. The AVOD system had a lot of options. The FAs referred to each passenger by name and were quite attentive. It was nearly full on the upper deck business class again.

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