Flight Report
AC 584 Calgary - New York JFK
Economy Class


My flight was scheduled to depart at 12:30pm, so I took my time to descend from the mountains to Calgary. I arrived at around 11am and there wasn't even a line-up for US-bound flights on Air Canada. It didn't take too long to clear US immigration at the airport.


The plane pushed back about 4 minutes earlier than scheduled, and headed south to the end of the runway for takeoff northbound. The airport wasn't so busy so it didn't take too long.

Crossing Lake Huron


As usual, there was a lot of traffic over New York. We flew east above Uptown, then south into the ocean before looping around to land from the west, flying above New Jersey coast along the way. The whole process took over half an hour. AC 584 landed at 19:13, about half hour behind schedule. To make things worse, the gate was not available upon landing, so we waited on the tarmac for a few more minutes while the previous plane was pushed back.

Landing Videos

Video (1179) - 136 megs

Video (1180) - 65 megs

Video (1181) - 117 megs

Video (1182) - 93 megs

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