Zurich Photo Gallery

A persistent spring shower greeted my arrival in Switzerland. Zurich is a quiet and small city by the lake, surrounded by mountains that were hidden by fog and clouds.

Labour groups protest on this May Day.

The old town has many narrow streets and alleys that snake through galleries, houses, and shops. The streets were fairly quiet due to rain and the public holiday.

Grossmunster dates from the 12th century and played a key role in the Swiss-German Reformation. Bad weather prevented me from heading up the tower for a panoramic view, but it was impressive to photograph on the ground nevertheless.

A quiet city view along the river ...

A mix of old and new trams roam the streets ...

A short hike from Zurich's main train station brings me to the Eidgen?ssische Technische Hochschule Z?rich, where a panoramic view of the city awaits.

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