Bath Photo Gallery - Roman Baths

Bath has long been known as a spa resort thanks to its exclusive natural hot springs that nowhere else in the country have. Just across from the abbey is a museum dedicated to it, with hot 46.5C water still naturally flowing at a rate of 1.17 million L daily. The Romans built a temple next to the spring for the goddess Sulis Minerva, who had healing powers.

The Great Bath was originally covered but now is open to the elements with a good view of the Abbey. In the 19th century, pillars, terraces, and statues were added.

The circular bath is filled with cold water and is 1.6m deep.

At the end of the tour, try out some of the natural spa water. It tasted a bit odd, but that's probably because it is rich in minerals. Those with deeper pockets can dine at the Georgian Pump Room, where famous folks such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens had visited.

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