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Bath is a very worthwhile day trip from London, with the train taking only 1.5 hours from Paddington. The city is very walkable and getting around on foot is the best way to explore the historic centre's architectural highlights. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is famous for its hot springs that was already known during the Roman period. By the 18th century, it attracted the upper echelons who came here to have a good time, and the city's grand architecture was built to reflect its affluence.

The area around Bath has a lot of other interesting places worth visiting, such as Stonehenge and Bristol. I first came on a coach tour of Stonehenge and Bath, but the time here wasn't enough, so I returned, bundling the two plus Bristol again into a 2-day trip, with about half a day spent here with a lot of walking.

Bath Abbey

Roman Baths

Grand Residential Streets

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