Casablanca Photo Gallery

Casablanca has been glanced at on many guidebooks in light of Morocco's other attractions. From above, the lack of appeal was quite evident, with no defined skyline but domination by the lone huge mosque by the seafront.

However, the city's Art Deco architecture blends local designs with European styles. Many different examples line along Boulevard Mohammed V, which is a comfortable walk in the cooler evening.

Unfortunately, proper maintenance is an issue.

These covered arcades offer protection from the elements, such as the intense sunshine.

A modern light rail line runs along this key artery through the city centre.

The side streets were alive with activity into the night.

Cinema Rialto dates from the 1930s.

On the next morning, I headed inside Hassan II Mosque, built to celebrate the former king's 60th birthday. Able to house 25,000 worshippers, it was completed in 1993 right above the ocean, while the 210m-tall minaret can be seen from miles away.

The interior space was grand, stunning, and beautiful. This is the 3rd largest mosque in the world.

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