Rabat Photo Gallery

Rabat is Morocco's capital. Well-manicured and devoid of crowds, walking around is quite comfortable although it doesn't have the chaotic bazaar excitement as I had expected in this country.

The original 12th century fortification is now a small corner of the city centre called Kasbah des Oudayas, which takes advantage of its slightly elevated rocky position overlooking the river. The city grew through its adjacent medina, while the French built the New Town beyond that.

The 44m Hassan Tower is all that remains of the mosque that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, the same one that devastated Lisbon.

Mohammed V's Mausoleum stands next door, where the king's father and grandfather are laid to rest.

Well-dressed guards stand at the entry points. They are friendly and allow curious tourists to take photos together.

Entering the Royal Palace is not allowed for visitors. The palace dates from the mid-19th century.

Despite being in Africa, it can get quite cold here in the winter, so to keep these palm trees alive, these heaters have been installed just for them.

Outside, the city walls remain intact, and views of the surrounding river valley are quite decent.

Many buildings are painted white, which help reflect the sunlight away during the hotter months.

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