Cordoba Photo Gallery

My time in Andalusia was quite intense hopping from one town to another and changing hotels along the way. Luckily, the sun sets quite late in June so I reserved afternoons for travelling when it was hottest while I could still do some sightseeing well into the dinner hour under a more moderate light.

Cordoba was established in the 3rd century BC to supply Roman troops. It became a provincial capital under Emperor Augustus but fell to the Muslim invaders in 711 AD. It grew to be the biggest city in Western Europe as Cordoba became the heart of the Islamic empire in Spain. Its fortune turned in the 11th century and has been eclipsed by Seville since.

I set off very early from Malaga on the 11th, taking the high-speed train to Cordoba, and booked an afternoon bus to Granada, my next stop, for the next day.

Today, Cordoba and Granada are must-see small towns in Andalusia. I had a day and a half here, which is sufficient to explore the compact town centre and view these must-see attractions :

  • Mezquita (Part 1)
  • Puente Romano (Part 2)
  • Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Part 2)
  • Jewish Quarter (Part 6)
  • Alminar de San Juan (Part 4)
  • Roman Mausoleums (Part 4)
  • Palacio de la Merced (Part 5)
  • Roman temple (Part 5)
  • Palacio de Viana (Part 5)
  • The Sections ...

    Part 1 - Mezquita

    Part 2 - Around the River

    Part 3 - Exploring the Historic Centre

    Part 4 - More Historic Centre

    Part 5 - Historic Centre Once Again

    Part 6 - Jewish Quarter

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