Flight Report
CX 888 Hong Kong - Vancouver
Business Class


It was a busy Sunday afternoon at HKIA. I arrived at about 1300 thinking there's plenty of time to make it for the 1500 flight. Business class check-in usually isn't too busy but there was a lineup that day. Cathay consolidates business class check-in in row B, which is further subdivided depending on the destination.

Security Checks

Due to heightened security concerns, passengers heading to the US had to go through a secondary screening around the Gate 40's. The screening consists of a full body pad-down and detailed screening of all bags. It didn't take very long before I got through all that and still had some time to spare before boarding.

My favourite drink is Cathay Delight, which is a kiwi-based non-alcoholic beverage.
The upper-deck Business Class was fully loaded that afternoon.

Taxi & Takeoff

Since we were parked at the western edge of the airport, it didn't take too long to taxi to takeoff position eastbound.

It seemed a bit odd that the upper deck has side storage compartments in addition to the overhead bins.
The first meal consisted of a salad and tuna appetizer and a choice in main dish. I picked the rack of lamb. The tuna was great but the lamb was not the best that it could have been.


The sun began to set as the plane neared Japan, and it was time to enjoy some in-flight entertainment.

Good morning!

The sun began to rise after the plane passed the Date Line and neared the west coast. It was time for breakfast!

Since I didn't move that much during the flight, it was hard to eat a lot during breakfast. It didn't help when I consumed a few small bags of apple chips as I was watching a few movies before the food came again. I must say the cereal didn't taste too good, but the yogurt was all right.

Descent to Canada

The Vancouver weather forecast was sunny skies and a temperate 20C. Hence the pictures from the descent turned out all right.

Approach to Landing

The plane headed east over the southern outskirts of Vancouver before making a 180-degree turn to head westbound for landing.

Good morning Vancouver!

Continuation of CX 888 to New York : Vancouver - New York JFK Segment

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