Cairo Photo Gallery

The Egyptian Museum features a treasure trove of archaeological objects. However, its design and decorations still echo life from a century ago. The museum opened in 1863 and outgrew its beginnings, settling into this site in 1902. I really wonder whether most of the exhibits can survive in their current state of preservation for the next generations to come.

The Citadel dominates Cairo's skyline and has been converted from a military facility to a museum and religious site. The Mohamed Ali Mosque features a large Ottoman dome, and its courtyard provides a panoramic view of the city.

Despite the slightly smoggy day, the views from here are beautiful, all the way to the Giza pyramids.

Giza doesn't look too far away from this vantage point.

Khalili Market's alleys are busy with touts and bargaining in the air. However, nowadays it is more a tourist market than a genuine souk. There was no shortage of camel-shaped perfume bottles and iconic figurines.

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