A Trip into the Eastern Desert

An easy excursion out of Hurghada is to visit a Bedouin village in the Eastern Desert. In fact, the desert begins just a few short blocks from the resorts. Time it for the afternoon so you can see the sunset across the desert.

As there are no roads in the desert, 4WD are essential to reach the Bedouins.

The name "bedouin" comes from the Arabic word for desert dwellers. These folks live a nomadic life in these tough conditions tending livestock, and now increasingly chasing after the tourist dollar.

Your welcome drink is a cup of hot coffee and you also get a taste of their locally-rolled and roasted bread.

They also weave but these fabrics on sale are a bit rough to the touch.

Many tourists now make the trek out here so this part of the desert is no longer empty.

Despite the seemingly arid landscape, there is ground water here that can sustain a little bit of vegetation.

We were free to roam the surrounding hills and sand dunes, where a wide panoramic landscape awaits.

The prize up here is a beautiful sunset.

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