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Hurghada is a green oasis at the edge of the Eastern Desert, which is the home of Bedouin nomads. To reach them, we had to take a 4-wheel drive ride into the desert.

The desert landscape looks like a scene from the moon.

The Eastern Desert is not just sand and rocks. It's also hilly as well.

The desert, its hills, sand, and rocks shone beautifully in the afternoon warmth.

Time to experience a run down the slope in the fine sand!

After a fun encounter with the sand, and a lovely view of the surrounding areas from above, it was time to continue the journey to the Bedouin village.

This Bedouin village appears to be a popular tourist getaway. There was another group there with their couple of 4x4 jeeps already. They even had a public toilet.

The village is surrounded by sand and hills. There's not another sign of humanity all around.

Serving a cup of coffee in a metal cup - it almost burned my fingers!

Have a seat on the floor, shielded from the sun by the traditional tent.

Tourists can also try out the camels. These ones are friendlier than those in Giza and the ground is flat so the camel's jerking motions are not amplified by topography.

A camel ride into the open desert ... taken from a small hill

Back at ground level, I explored around the village. The buildings were quite spread out given all that space. This is the mosque :

This lady was demonstrating how to roll and cook bread. It didn't take too long to cook and it tasted delicious.

Sweet, camel manure.

In the middle of the desert, vegetation can still grow.

This well is for display purposes only. It is contaminated and cannot be used by the villagers.

The villagers also weave fabrics for sale. But the materials are quite coarse to wear.

Ride a camel into the desert for 5 minutes. Each camel is led by a villager. The villager could also be carrying a baby in an arm - they seem good at multi-tasking.

It was only around 4pm but the sun was already setting, which was a bit odd because out in Hurghada it set almost an hour later. Perhaps it was because we were higher up in altitude?

With such clear skies, I rushed up the hill again to capture the whole area under dimming light. The colours were truly magical.

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