Luxor Photo Gallery - Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is a jaw-dropping collection of temples, halls, and statues in various states of ruin. Centred on the Temple of Amun, which is dedicated to the king of the gods, the pharaohs progressively added and improved Karnak, with as much as 80,000 men working here at one time. The site was buried in sand for over 1000 years and was excavated in the mid-19th century.

A row of sphinxes welcomes you to the Temple of Amun's entrance.

The granite statue of Colossus of Ramses II includes one of his daughters at his feet. It guards the entrance into the Great Hypostyle Hall, which was once held up by 134 columns. The columns are decorated with many carvings, but the roof structure is now gone.

There are 3 obelisks that have survived the torture of time. These 2 are still standing, and the 3rd one is now lying on its side nearby.

Here is the 3rd obelisk - fallen on its side, but well-preserved.

Perhaps because this part of the temple is in worse shape, tourists stayed away and I had the site to myself in relative tranquility.

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