Kom Ombo Photo Gallery

Nearing Aswan, Kom Ombo's temple was built in the 2nd century BC and is unusual for having 2 halls and 2 sanctuaries laid out symmetrically. That's because it was dedicated to 2 gods, one for the falcon and the other for the crocodile.

My cruise boat arrived in the late afternoon, when temperatures were more bearable and the sunset light gave the whole site an extra yellow glow.

There was a lot of interest around these carvings, which depict medical tools that eeringly resemble those at the operating table today. This temple is over 2000 years old though.

Unfortunately, the faces on these slaves appear to have been vandalized and wiped off the record.

There was also another crowd gathered at this spot, looking at the calendar engraved on the wall.

The Nilometer is used to measure flood levels, which determine the year's taxes. It's hard to imagine this long shaft filling up.

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