Nile River Cruise Photo Gallery (Edfu to Kom Ombo)

After a day sailing upstream from Luxor, the cruise boat reached Edfu for the overnight. It appeared to be cloudy as the sun rose over the Nile, which was a bit hard to believe given they barely get any rain at all.

After an excursion to the Temple of Horus in the morning, it was time to set sail again. By now, the skies have cleared and blue skies reigned.

With many other boats on the same itinerary, the riverside was quite busy, and it wasn't unusual to go through other boats to get to yours.

The convoy was out in action again. I would enjoy more river scenery as we sailed during the afternoon.

Trains also run between Aswan, Luxor, and Cairo. I would make the return trip by overnight train.

This felucca seems to have lost its sails!

We would dock at Kom Ombo for the 2nd temple visit of the day. This type of cruise is quite enjoyable, with attractions early and late in the day to avoid the hottest part of the day. There is plenty of rest time in between with good food on board and lots of scenery to observe on both sides of the river. Add to that an afternoon nap to freshen up for the next stop.

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