Frankfurt Photo Gallery

I arrived in Frankfurt after an overnight flight from Asia very early in the morning, budgeting an almost 12 hour transit before continuing to North America. Refreshed from an empty first flight, I headed to the land-side lounge at the airport to check my itinerary once more and to confirm my time in the city. I patiently waited until sunrise after 8am to journey into the city for my whirlwind tour.

I had thought of spending my day in Heidelberg, where the architecture seemed much more inspiring, but I didn't want to stress taking the train in and out and any potential complications along the 45-minute journey back to the airport.

My initial impression of Frankfurt is a day is enough if I don't venture into the museums. The downtown is fairly small and it's best not to be out all day given the winter temperatures anyway. I wouldn't put too much time here if I were to tour Germany, but for a flight stopover, it is worth venturing to explore instead of eating the buffet in the airport lounge.