Fuzhou Photo Gallery - Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

This historic area now only contains 2 lanes and 5 alleys and dates from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Just before the official entrance to the area is the former home of Liu Juemin, a patriotic citizen from the early 20th century.

A touristy gate marks the entrance to the historic district, whose main thoroughfare is now a big shopping mall.

The Double Plum Blossom Study was built around the end of the Ming Dynasty on a north-south axis.

Attractions stretch from one alley to another. There are many narrow laneways to explore in this area.

The Former Residence of Chen Shouqi comprises of 4 compounds covering over 1500 sq m.

The Former Residence of Wang Qi was originally a guild hall that was completed in the early Qing Dynasty. Wang was the owner during the early days of the Republic.

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This site was once the residence of Huang Pu, a record-keeper from the Tang Dynasty. The current structures are from the Qing Dynasty.

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