Fuzhou Photo Gallery - River and Hills

Gushan stands 969m tall and is a popular hiking destination for locals and a pilgrimmage spot for Buddhists. It is easily accessible by bus although they are building a new subway station in front of it. For those who don't want to spend half the day walking up, a cable car can do the trip in 20 minutes.

It was markedly cooler up here than back in the city. The fresh cool freeze didn't deter tired hikers from rolling up or taking off their shirts by the time they reached the observation point with wonderful views.

After a brief stop, I made my way back down the cable car.

Back at sea level, the summer heat returned with a vengeance. Next to the cable car exit is a neat vending machine selling non-standard and larger items.

The bus station is just a short walk away just past the arches. Construction for the new subway line continues beyond that.

The Min River east of the city centre has been developed into a new office district. The riverfront promenade hasn't been fully connected yet, but looks good so far.

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