Geneva Photo Gallery

Switzerland is an expensive place to visit, but there are many ways to save money. To start your trip on a happy note, Geneva's airport offers free transport tickets to the city. Pick up yours at the arrivals hall.

Then head downstairs for the short train ride into the city centre - less than 10 minutes!

With glorious sunshine, let the sightseeing begin!

Basilique Notre Dame

North of the station in Les Grottes, this residential complex from the 1980s does not have any straight lines in its design. Inspired by Gaudi's works, they are given a colourful and playful name - the Smurfs.

To the south, short historic buildings line the straightly-lined streets. They eventually narrow and wind their way uphill to the historic centre.

The Cathedrale of Saint Pierre dates from the 12th century and sits on top of the hill where the historic centre stands. For a nominal fee, you can climb 157 steps up the tower for a lovely view of the city and the lake.

Meanwhile, along the other narrow streets of the historical centre ...

Wedged at the end of Lake Geneva, a waterfront stroll is a great way to enjoy sunset amidst the cool autumn breeze.

A small island on the Rhone served as a checkpoint between northern and southern Europe back in the old days. 2 bridges spanned the river and a castle was added in the 13th century. Today, only the tower remains.

Monument Brunswick's details caught my attention during my sunset stroll. The Duke of Brunswick gave his immense fortune to the city upon his death in 1873 and asked for a beautiful monument in his name.

The buildings surrounding it are prime real estate. Getting a meal around here would cost an arm and a leg.

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