Geneva Photo Gallery

My initial destination was actually the United Nations next door, but their tours were quickly booked up and advance reservations were not possible.

Unsuccessful next door, I headed to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, which is free with the Swiss Travel Pass, saving me 15 francs.

Index card records of WWI war prisoners solemnly fill many shelves in the "Restoring Family Links" exhibit.

"The Fight Against AIDS in Images" temporary exhibition shows advertisements and awareness posters of the disease.

With the weather not being so great, I continued to stay indoors. Museum Tavel is the oldest private dwelling in the city and reflects medieval architecture for the nobility.

The highlight of the museum are its scale models. The top floor has a huge one with audio descriptions in a multimedia show setting.

The city is small so it is sufficient to use trams, buses, and bikes to get around.

A great place for an almost aerial view is in France, but it is very easy to reach. Take bus #8 from the city to the last stop and walk across the border for about 10 minutes to the Saleve cable car.

The border crossing is no longer in use and cars don't need to get inspected one-by-one before entering France.

With autumn approaching and the sun to the south, this vantage point would look quite decent all day.

Tourists living in a Geneva hotel receive a transport pass that makes all trips free in the city. For those who choose a cheaper alternative in France, you can utilize your Swiss Travel Pass (and not the Half Fare Card) for free transport in Geneva. Just pay for the French portion of the ride.

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