Gwangju & Naejangsan Photo Gallery

Gwangju is the centre of Korea's pro-democracy movement. The desire to overturn an authoritarian military government got bloody in 1980 and the city still celebrates its independent spirit today.

Frequent buses connect Seoul with Gwangju, a journey that takes 3.5 hours. KTX trains are more expensive but can shorten the journey to under 2 hours. This city is not touristy and is worth at least 1 night for a more authentic Korean urban experience.


Explore the small side streets, beautiful urban parks, riverfront promenade, and democracy movement monuments.

Yangdong Market

Visit this sprawling local market and explore the many alleys that sell fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and more. English is not heard here, so it's an authentic Korean shopping experience!

Outside the City

During the fall, make a day trip out to Naejangsan to enjoy the spectacular foliage colours.

Naejangsan - part 2