Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Lung Ha Wan

Lung Ha Wan is famous for a rock carving by the sea. Accessing the location is relatively simply. Take bus #91 to Tai Au Mun and walk along Lung Ha Wan Road for about 2 km.

Pedestrians and cars have to share the road. There is a very small number of parking spaces inside.

A sign and staircase leads down to the rocky shore and the rock carving, which was discovered by hikers in 1978. The geometric patterns resemble animals and birds, but there is a debate whether this was man-made or natural.

Continuing further down the road is a rocky beach.

The Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre is at the end of the road. A long dirt trail also rises just off here to Tai Leng Tung, a 291m mountain.

The uneven steps seem to go on forever up the side of the mountain.

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