Hong Kong Extradition Bill Protests Photo Gallery
24 August - Kwun Tong March

The Kwun Tong march began at the Tsun Yip Street Playground for the shart walk to the Zero Carbon Building in Kowloon Bay. Organizers wanted to bring to the public's attention the privacy risks with the 50 smart lamps that have been installed in the area. Fearing the high resolution cameras can be enhanced with facial recognition to track people's movements, the government emphasized these lamps are only used for monitoring traffic, air quality, and weather.

Rest stops were set up at various points along the route with free water being distributed. With a typhoon approaching, temperatures reached upwards of 34C under an intense sun and hazy sky.

This is one of the smart lamps installed in this part of town as a trial.

Recycling stations were also set up en route to keep the streets clean and green.

Volunteers also handed out face masks as they were worried spies were photographing people on the bridge. A number of press photographers were up there taking footage of the crowds.

The more radical protesters had hauled some construction materials to set up a barricade near the police station.

The MTR was also blasted for shutting down parts of the Kwun Tong Line well in advance of the protest. They were accused of working with the government to contain the number of participants and the long section of the line that was shut down was unreasonable when the protests were only near 2 of the 5 closed stations. The timing was also questioned, with the closure taking place 1.5 hours before the protest was set to begin, and with no evidence of threats at any of the stations.

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