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From Yau Ma Tei to Prince Edward, Anger over the MTR for 8/31

Allegations of police brutality at Prince Edward MTR station on Aug 31 prompted protesters to further target the MTR as a facilitator, allowing police to enter its premises. Videos showed police beating passengers on trains but not making arrests afterwards, triggering anger that the police were no different than the white-shirt thugs that attacked passengers indiscrimiantely on July 21 in Yuen Long.

Marks left by protesters are clearly visible along Nathan Road and at MTR entrances, some of which suffered from various acts of vandalism from graffiti to smashed glass.

"The government is incompetent."

Protesters also removed the MTR logo from atop some station entrances.

The MTR has also been criticized for shutting down service ahead of legal protests to curtail participation after pressure from pro-Beijing forces. Only Sep 7, Airport Express trains did not stop at Kowloon and Tsing Yi stations at the request of the Airport Authority and the government to prevent protesters from storming the airport like in the prior week.

A makeshift shrine has risen at this Prince Edward MTR station exit. Rumours have circulated online that there were deaths during police enforcement action on Aug 31. At the time, the police cleared the media and first aid personnel out from the station, while contradicting injury numbers from different sources prompted suspicions that the difference in tallies indicate a cover-up of civilian deaths.

Protesters have demanded the MTR release security camera footage so the truth of what happened can be revealed.

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