Hong Kong Extradition Bill Protests Photo Gallery
Kwai Chung Lennon Bridge

A long pedestrian bridge along Kwai Chung Road has been decorated with various amounts of protest messages. However, one unique part of this "Lennon Wall" is a chronological listing of events over the past few months of protests.

"5 demands, not one less."

The "Hong Kong pig" has been a popular symbol throughout the protests. This one advocates that we all perish together.

"(The police) were not there on July 21 (Yuen Long white shirt attack) and they killed people on August 31 (at Prince Edward station). They are licensed rioters that shoot at students."

The beginning of the listing is at the bottom of the bridge ramp next to Castle Peak Road.

National Day on October 1 was a day of sorrow.

A small carpet of the Chief Executive's face was available for all you angry protesters to step on.

"Corrupt cops are abusing their power."

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