Hong Kong Extradition Bill Protests Photo Gallery
June 16 - Hong Kong Island March

For a second Sunday in a row, massive protests broke out to scrap the bill. The atmosphere was tense following violent clashes the Wednesday before, and there was anger at the police for using excessive force. Organizers claimed almost 2 million people took part in the protests, which forced the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, to issue an apology.

Protesters poured to Hong Kong Island on the trains, wearing black.

At many interchange stations, crowd control measures were in place due to the huge mass of people getting to Victoria Park for the start of the protest.

With the bottleneck at Hong Kong station, many exited the station to head to the protest by foot.

The main protest was on Hennessy Road heading west through Wanchai. The crowds were so big, they eventually spilled into neighbouring parallel streets.

Neighbouring Lockhart Road

Protesters chanted slogans that Carrie Lam step down, the bill withdrawn entirely, and the police to close the roads to let protesters pass.

Eventually, protesters spilled onto Gloucester Road, which was still open to traffic at the time in both directions.

The end point of the protest was at the Government Headquarters in Admiralty, which was where violent clashes with police broke out on Wednesday. The atmosphere was relaxed, with many protesters enjoying the sun and sea breeze after a long march.

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