Incheon Photo Gallery - Chinatown

Incheon is an hour from Seoul by subway. The station is nothing interesting architecturally, but is conveniently situated across from Chinatown's Paeru (traditional gate).

Euiseondang Shrine

A staircase leads the uphill climb towards Jayu Park.

Past the 3rd Paeru is Jayu Park, a green oasis in the heart of Incheon.

Memorial to the 100th Aniversity of Amity between Korea and America

The other monument to American domination is the Statue of General MacArthur, built in 1957 to commemorate the Incheon Landing Operation.

There's no shortage of military monuments in this park.

Hongyemun was built starting in 1936 to support the growing Japanese population.

Koreans can eat very spicy foods, hence I wasn't surprised to see hot peppers being put out to dry on this sunny day.

Incheon Anglican Naedong Church

The Jemulpo Club was a social club for foreigners during the open port era.

Unfortunately, the Historical Archives don't open on weekends.

The Samgukji Mural Street is a 135-m long wall that depicts 77 scenes from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The rest of Chinatown is comprised of lowrises.

This staircase marks the border between the Qing and Japanese concessions. Even the lamps were designed differently on each side.

Bank of Japan #58

The Incheon Open Port Modern Architecture Museum utilizes the former Japanese Bank #18. It contains models of historic buildings, many of which have been lost.

The Incheon Open Port Museum used to be the Bank of Japan #1. Built in 1899, it was the depository for the Japanese consulate. Today, it hosts exhibits from the open port era.

Harbor Park Hotel

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