Seoul, South Korea Photo Gallery

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Seoul is fast being discovered on the international scene as Korean culture resonates around the world. This is a massive city, home to almost 10 million people, with a good range of attractions from historical palaces, vibrant markets, to modern shopping malls.

Being a massive city, plan your days accordingly as any excursion across the Han River will take some time. Below is a sample 5 day high-level itinerary :

Day 1 : Seoul's palaces (Gyeongbokgung, Changgyeonggong, Deoksugung), Bukcheon
Day 2 : Myeongdong, Seoul Tower, Namdaemun, Hongdae's side streets, Dongdaemun, city walls, Cheonggyecheon, Gwangjang Market
Day 3 : Day trip to the DMZ
Day 4 : Noryanjin Fish Market, Gangnam
Day 5 : Suwon for half the day, your pick of museums for the other half

The New Noryangjin Fish Market

National Museum of Korea Part 1

National Museum of Korea Part 2

National Museum of Korea Part 3

National Museum of Korea Part 4

National Museum of Korea Part 5

Seohae Line - New Section

Express Bus Terminal

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace Part 2

Museum of Craft Art

Ihwa Mural Village



Seoul Tower

Lotte World Tower

Dongdaemun City Walls

Local Markets

Incheon Airport

Teheranno Gangnam

Jongno District

Gangnam III

Gangnam IV


Incheon Songdo

UNESCO World Heritage Royal Tombs

Incheon Chinatown

Incheon Wolmido

Noryangjin Fish Market


National Folk Museum of Korea

Museum of History


Suwon III

Changgyeonggung & Jongmyo

Gangnam I

Gangnam II



Suwon I

Suwon II

Bukcheon I

Bukcheon II

Bukcheon III


KLI 63 Observation Deck


Samsung Museum of Art Leeum

City Hall to Seodaemun Walk

Seodaemun Prison

Kanghwa & Sukmodo