Ise-Shima Photo Gallery - Meoto-iwa & Hinjitsukan

The bus drops you off just after a short tunnel at the aquarium. Then you backtrack and follow the path towards the coast. 2 rocks just off the waterfront have been enshrined as "husband and wife" in a sunrise-worshipping ritual. On the Summer Solstice, the sun rises in between these 2 rocks.

To the west of the shrine, there is a waterfront promenade and you will pass by Hinjitsukan, which was built in 1887 as a hotel for the nearby shrine. Today, it is a museum and also a conference facility.

You don't need to backtrack to take the bus but walk to Futaminoura station to continue deeper into the peninsula. Since this is a JR-only stop, you need to head east to Toba to use your Kintetsu pass for the next leg of the trip deeper in the peninsula.

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