Ise-Shima Photo Gallery - Yokoyama

From Toba station, Kintetsu's local trains take about half hour through rolling countryside and small towns to reach Shima-Yokoyama.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to reach the Yokoyama observation deck uphill unless you have a car. So I decided to walk about 2km on good sidewalks up a slanting slope uphill.

After the visitor's centre, the slope gets a bit steeper but nothing too intense for the short final stretch to the observation deck.

The observation deck offers a commanding view of Ago Bay and its many islands. The bay is famous for pearl cultivation and oysters are an area specialty.

Then you return the same way you came back downhill. Back at the train station, it would be a 2.5-3 hour train ride back to Nagoya.

Since you would have a train pass anyway, stop in Toba for a walk along the waterfront before continuing your journey back to the city. Most shops would have closed already by sunset though.

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