Istanbul Bosporous Cruise Photo Gallery

A trip to Istanbul is not complete unless you take a Bosporous cruise. I opted for the shorter version, which didn't take me all the way up to the Black Sea. Don't overspend with a private operator. The municipal cruise does the job and you get the same view. It is this waterway that makes Istanbul so important.

2 suspension bridges connect the European and Asian sides, but many residents still rely on ferries for the crossing.

It comes as no surprise the rich would love to set up a base here to enjoy the serene straits view.

Rumeli Hisari was built in the mid-15th century at the narrowest point of the Bosporous to control water traffic.

I was surprised how close to the water line these mansions get.

Maiden's Tower has a long history, believed to date back over 2000 years. From customs during Byzantine times to a quarantine station during Ottoman rule, it is now a privately-owned restaurant.

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