Istanbul Golden Horn Photo Gallery

Sirkeci Station is the Orient Express' terminus. It doesn't look that grand on the outside, but there is a very worthwhile museum next to the platform where all sorts of train memorabilia are on display, including a model railroad.

A few steps away, the waterfront at Eminonu is bursting with activity.

Galata Bridge is a popular fishing spot. Having scanned the buckets, it seems they are getting small results.

Below deck, fish restaurants line the covered section, and you get to see all the fishing lines in action.

A short bus ride from Galata Bridge is Eyup, in the western part of the city. It's a serene area, with a lovely waterfront park where you cannot find other tourists snapping away.

A cable car takes visitors past the cemetery to a hillside cafe that offers panoramic views of the Golden Horn.

This is a different vantage point of the historic city's mosques.

I ventured past the cemetery and out through the back to see a lot of residentials in various states.

I decided to save some money and head back downhill by foot through the cemetery. Soon, I reached the bottom and the Eyup Sultan Mosque.

The Theodosian Walls stretch along the western part of the city and can still be seen today. Construction started in the 5th century and the whole defense structure once had 92 towers.

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