Istanbul Golden Horn Photo Gallery Part 2

The New Mosque is not really new. Completed in the 17th century, the tiles are not as nice as the other imperial mosques as the workshops could not produce quality materials at the time.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of street activity as I headed towards the Grand Bazaar, the ultimate tourist trap.

Boasting 5000 shops, the Grand Bazaar was built in the 15th century and is a gigantic covered market with 66 streets and alleys. Once heavily controlled by the guilds that reduced competition, I came to explore and not to shop since I had enough apple tea, figs, and Turkish delight already. So only my camera got a work-out.

I had an atrocious amount of Turkish delight throughout my trip.

Süleymaniye Mosque sits atop one of Istanbul's 7 hills. Being the 4th imperial mosque in the city, it was completed in 1557. Head to the garden for beautiful views of the Golden Horn.

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