Istanbul Istiklal Caddesi Photo Gallery

Istiklal Caddesi is lined with grand 19th century residences and embassies, but much of the ground level spaces have been turned into retail thanks to pedestrianization.

A nostalgic tram line runs along the street, although it's more for tourists and is a recent creation.

The Pera Palas Hotel opened in 1892 and hosted many famous guests over the years, including Agatha Christie. It is now managed by the Jumeirah Group from Dubai.

Saint Antoine opened in 1912 after 6 years of construction and was designed by a local architect. It is the largest Catholic church in the city and occupies a busy spot just off Istiklal Street.

I make a detour downhill to Fransiz Sokagi, the "French" street. French is not spoken here, but it was designed to create a Parisian cafe atmosphere. Unfortunately, I arrived at the wrong time and didn't find patrons eating or drinking.

?i?ek Pasaji is a covered arcade that is now a restaurant.

There is also a shopping arcade across the street.

The neighbouring streets are also lively with various fresh foods being offered for sale, including these vegetables and even seafood.

The current Taksim to Tunel tram service resumed in 1990 along a single track. The line is only 1.6km long and slowly moves up and down the pedestrianized Istiklal Caddesi. Here it is in Taksim getting ready for another run.

Tunel is the 2nd oldest metro in the world after the London Underground. It opened in Jauary 1875 and continues to take passengers uphill from Galata to Istiklal Caddesi.

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