Linz Christmas Markets Photo Gallery

Christmas markets are quite interesting across many European cities and towns, big or small. Linz is Austria's 3rd largest country and has a historic baroque town centre. At a major transport crossroad between the Adriatic and Baltic, the city was a major manufacturing centre, which attracted Allied bombings during World War II.

Be impressed on arrival at Linz's main railway station, which is new and airy.

Just a short walk away, a small Christmas market was already busy with customers in nearby Volksgarten.

The main street into the Altstadt was already decorated for the seasons, although most stores have already closed for the day.

A larger Christmas market was set up in the Altstadt, with lots of food and souvenir stalls. Hauptplaz is the main square. It is decorated with a 20m-high white marble column that dates from 1723, giving thanks to the Holy Trinity for protection against fire, war, disaster, and disease.

Linz is only a short 1h15 train ride from Vienna, slightly shorter to Salzburg, making it a good stopover point between the 2 cities.

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